Powder coating is the most environmentally friendly painting process available. At Ezy Panelbeaters, we powder coat various shapes, sizes and colours protecting all steel items from rust and corrosion. The advantage of powder coating is that it is harder, tougher and more durable than conventional paint. Thicker, smooth, texture-free surfaces with no running or sagging can also be achieved with powder coating. Our team of experts ensures that a wide range of special effects and custom finishes are easily achieved with powder-coating. Furthermore, powder coated items produce a better effect between horizontal and vertical coated surfaces.

We powdercoat underground pipes, aluminium extrusions, industrial equipment, motorcycle parts, frames, custom cars, car parts, vehicle chassis, trailers, bicycle frames and parts, garden and patio furniture, railings, gates, fencing, shelving and frames, furniture, appliances, antiques. The list below further details the rest of the items that our team is experienced to powdercoat.


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